Albany Avenue Update – December 2022

Dear Neighbors,

Here is an update on the two separate projects impacting Albany Avenue:

  1. The Albany Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project is to improve the surface of Albany Avenue and better connect the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail with our historic business district. This project is estimated to cost $2,330,000 with a federal commitment to reimburse the village at 80% or $1,864,000. The difference in these two amounts has been borrowed (bonded) along with a 7% cash flow cushion in the amount of $501,000.
  2. The Albany Avenue Water Main Upgrade Project involves the replacement of the water main and associated water assets underneath Albany Avenue. We are seeking to replace the 100-year-old water main BEFORE we move forward with resurfacing Albany Avenue. The money that we received from the federal grant CANNOT be used on water assets. This project is estimated to cost $900,000.

We continue to make forward progress on the Albany Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project. This past November, we completed Step 4 of our project timeline and selected the design contractor. We also received project approval from NYS Department of Transportation.

Hudson Valley Engineering Associates has been awarded the Albany Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project. This firm has a separate Regional Design Service Agreement in Region 8, Poughkeepsie, NY, to provide these services to local municipalities.

The Village of Kinderhook selected HVEA for this 2-year term agreement to provide consultant design services encompassing the following tasks:

  • Preliminary and Detail Design Services
  • Evaluate if there is a need for Right of Way Incidentals and Right of Way Acquisition
  • Provide for Construction Management Oversight Services to include assistance to select construction contractor(s) and inspection support services

This December, we started Step 5 of our project timeline. We are starting the preliminary design and analysis, and requested the water main design. Design and analysis involve broad preliminary design concepts and options. We also requested the water main design from HVEA to begin work on the engineering specifications for the water main upgrade.

We also reached out to National Grid to schedule a meeting to discuss potential options and costs associated with burying power lines or moving telephone poles on Albany Avenue. The costs associated with this are NOT included in the federal grant.

Please click this link for an updated step-by-step summary of the Albany Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project.

The Village of Kinderhook intends to utilize a project steering committee to provide oversight for this project. Their role will include:

  • Provide guidance to the Village of Kinderhook Project Manager and Mayor on all aspects of how the design and construction serves the residents and our stakeholders.
  • Ensure continuing alignment with Village of Kinderhook’s goals and priorities.
  • Communicate with the Village Board and other participating Village Committees/ Commissions and residents as deemed appropriate.
  • Ensure the necessary Village of Kinderhook staff resources and other subcontracted resources and materials are available at critical points to meet agreed upon schedules.
  • Ensure that unintended consequences and project activities are minimized and that the project impacts are fully understood by the Village of Kinderhook board, residents, and stakeholders.
  • Review and provide feedback on project plans, approaches to work and detailed work plans.
  • Make decisions on critical issues and /or approaches to project execution.

At this time, the steering committee will consist of seven residents. Committee members will be selected by the Trustees and Mayor to participate. If you are interested, please email me! We plan on having the committee established by January 2023. Our thoughts for experiences and expertise needed on the committee includes:

  • Contractor with experience installing water mains
  • VOK Water Commissioner
  • Individual with experience designing roadways with bicycle lanes
  • Historic Preservation Commission member
  • Albany Avenue resident
  • Albany Avenue resident
  • Individual with legal experience

Unfortunately, the village did not receive the recent funding made available through NYS Water Infrastructure Improvement Act grant for the Albany Avenue Water Main Upgrade Project. We sought $1.5M to aide in replacing the water main on Albany Avenue and William Street.

I reached out to a representative at the NYS Department of Health Bureau of Water Supply and Protection to get feedback on the competitiveness of our grant application. Below is his response:

“This round of WIIA had a lower overall amount of funding available than in recent years and at the same time the maximum grant award per project was increased. This resulted in a lot fewer project awards than in recent years, and thus it was extremely competitive. Kinderhook’s project just didn’t have the public health priority score to compete in this round.  In addition, the Village of Kinderhook is not a disadvantaged community, and the proposed project does not serve an environmental justice area, both of which are considered in awarding WIIA.  To better understand our Project Priority Ranking System please refer to Attachment I in 2023 Final IUP Final Intended Use Plan FFY 2023 (”

I have since reached out to staff members for Senator Schumer, Congressman-elect Molinaro, and State Senator Hinchey to see how we may be able to access additional funding to replace our water main. We are aggressively seeking all avenues for financial assistance.

Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these two important projects. I would like to thank Trustee Mark Browne, Village Treasurer Nicole Heeder, Water Commission Dale Leiser, DPW Superintendent Dave Booth, resident Jerry Callahan, and former Mayor Jim Dunham for all their time and hard work getting the project advanced to where it is today.

Any questions at all, please contact me directly at