Albany Avenue Update – June 2023

Dear Residents,

At the May 17, 2023, Village Board Meeting, a motion was raised and approved to establish an Albany Avenue Steering Committee. Their principal role is to ensure that presentations to the public are clear and understandable.

Meetings with the steering committee will be conducted as working sessions prior to the public hearings and will not be open to the public. Meeting recordings and notes will be taken and shared with residents and to better prepare for the public hearings – which are open to everyone. As stated in the minutes of the April 12, 2023, Village Board Meeting, item 9, the Steering Committee function is (advisory only and has no authority). Final decisions shall be rendered by the Village Board in consultation with our legal counsel and with the NYS Department of Transportation in full transparency of the public.

The committee’s first meeting with our Hudson Valley Engineering Associates contractors/designers was conducted on May 31, 2023.

Video, audio, and the presentation materials for that meeting are shared at the below link:

Albany Avenue Improvement Projects

The first public hearing regarding the Albany Avenue project is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, 2023. A notification will be distributed within the next week.

More detailed information about the Steering Committee is below:

The Village of Kinderhook intends to utilize a project steering committee to provide guidance for the Albany Avenue Projects. Their role will include:

  • Provide guidance to the Village of Kinderhook Project Manager and Mayor on all aspects of how the design and construction serves the residents and our stakeholders;
  • Ensure continuing alignment with Village of Kinderhook’s goals and priorities;
  • Communicate with the Village Board and other participating Village Committees/ Commissions and residents as deemed appropriate;
  • Ensure the necessary Village of Kinderhook staff resources and other subcontracted resources and materials are available at critical points to meet agreed upon schedules;
  • Ensure that unintended consequences and project activities are minimized and that the project impacts are fully understood by the Village of Kinderhook board, residents and stakeholders;
  • Review and provide feedback on project plans, approaches to work and detailed work plans;
  • Recommend decisions on critical issues and /or approaches to project execution.
  • Ensure that presentations to the public are clear and understandable.

Steering Committee Members:

James Mark Browne, Project Manager and Trustee, 44 Eichybush Road, former resident 7 and 10 Albany Ave.

Quinn Murphy, Deputy Project Manager and Trustee, 28 Albany Avenue

Dale Leiser, Water Commissioner– Technical Support

Dave Booth, DPW Supervisor – Technical Support

Sean Sawyer, 17 Albany Avenue, HPC member

Paul Rinehardt, 27 Albany Avenue, Bicycle Advisor

Kim Anderson, 2 Broad Street – Business Owner

Jerome Callahan, 6 Cortland Drive – Financial Advisor

Joe Wildermuth, 17 Presidential Drive – Construction Advisor

Thomas Mueller, 5 Maiden Lane – Former DOT Technologist

Christopher Ventura, 19-21 Albany Avenue

Astrid Montagano, Albany Avenue, Climate Smart Committee Member

Phil Ginter, 47 Albany Avenue – Former Planning Board Member

Julie Keating, Hudson Street – NYS Business Analyst and Former Running Club Board Member

If you have any questions, please contact the Albany Avenue Project Manager and Trustee Mark Browne at or Mayor Mike Abrams at Thank you for your patience as we progress with the planning of this major project.


Mike Abrams, Mayor

Mark Browne, Trustee and Albany Avenue Project Manager