Open Call for Projects for VOK NY Forward Grant!

Dear Residents,

Thank you for your patience as we take the first steps together with the NY Forward grant.

New York State created a new website for us so that we can more efficiently and effectively inform the public on all new announcements and provide a single location for information and resources. Please visit the website below for information and updates pertaining to the Village of Kinderhook’s NY Forward grant and process.

The NY Forward Local Planning Committee met for the first time on Thursday, June 1, 2023, at Van Buren Hall. The meeting agenda, presentation, and minutes for this meeting and all future meetings will be at the link below:

The Open Call for Projects for the Village of Kinderhook is now live! The project application is linked below and can also be found at the website as well.

Project Application:

Please be sure that you read pages 4 and 5 of the NYF Project Form carefully for eligible project types, project requirements, and evaluation criteria. The purpose of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative & NY Forward is to focus the investment from the state in the downtown area of municipalities.

The due date for applications will be Thursday, July 27, 2023.

There will be a workshop meeting open for the public to ask questions about projects on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 6 pm in Van Buren Hall. Residents will be able to ask questions regarding projects and applications.

If you have any questions whatsoever about a NYF project or application, please contact Ian Nicholson at He will be able to answer any questions and help walk you through an application.

I am available anytime as well for questions that you may have. Please contact me at