Village Code Book Update – June 2023

Dear Residents,

The Municipal Code of the Village of Kinderhook contains all the local laws, ordinances, and resolutions that govern the Village and its residents and includes regulation of such things as building codes, subdivision of land, streets and sidewalk maintenance, water and sewer assessments, vehicle and traffic regulations, and peddling & solicitation, among others.

The current Code was last reviewed and adopted in its entirety in 2003, so the Village has recently undertaken an initiative to provide a comprehensive review and update of all municipal codes. The Village has contracted with General Code, LLC, a nationwide publishing company that helps communities like ours with codification services.

General Code has completed its editorial & legal analysis of the Village Code and has identified several sections of our current Code that need review for accuracy, consistency, and vis-à-vis NYS legislation. Specifically, they have identified 138 items that need review and input. Those items can be found here:

VOK Code Feedback from General Code – May 2023

Over the next two months (June and July), the Village Board as well as the ancillary Boards will be reviewing these sections at regular monthly meetings. The public is welcome to attend these meetings to better understand the questions and issues identified. All meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall. As usual, formal notifications of these meetings will be sent out via village email.

Board Meets
Village of Kinderhook Board of Trustees 2nd Wednesday of each month
Planning Board 1st Thursday
Historic Preservation Commission 3rd Thursday
Zoning Board of Appeals 4th Monday

Following this review phase, responses will be collected and presented in a public hearing to be held during the summer of 2024, at which time the public comment period will be held. Any questions about the codification process should be address to Mayor Mike Abrams at or to Trustee Susan Patterson at

Thank you for your patience and engagement as we update our code!


Mike Abrams, Mayor

Susan Patterson, Trustee